Huehuetenango, Guatemala

We source Don Concepcion’s coffee through Onyx Coffee, here in Bellingham. Onyx’s influence in Guatemala and the heart their team has for producing stellar coffees is unrivaled. Working with them for our Guatemalan offerings is an absolute pleasure. Having the close personal connection to our importers, of which Onyx are our closest, enriches the whole process from start to finish. We know their heart for quality coffee, balanced with a passion for investing back into their local community in Huehue. When we do decide to take some trips to origin, traveling with the team at Onyx is #1 on the list. Concepcion has been importing coffees through Onyx for quite a few years now. While hoping to visit his farm during next years harvest, the team at Onyx have told us of his infectious humor and gracious hospitality. He purchased his farm, Los Dos Socios, in the early 1990’s and has since bought neighboring parcels, adding to his coffee production. The primary varietals are Bourbon and Caturra, which are unrivaled for chocolatey sweetness. The elevation at which the farm lies, 1700 masl, is what gives this lot its complexity, the balance of stone fruit acidity with rich brown sugars.

This coffee stands out for its vibrant sweetness and consistency. Cup after cup, this coffee will provide a smooth and chocolatey drink —which is exactly what you want out of a mainstay espresso or drip. We taste flavors of orange, milk chocolate, and clove, all while noting the full body that rounds out experience.

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