Endcap: January

Where did January go?

This month flew by.

Our New Year’s resolution is to follow through on a long-overdue project: putting together a monthly newsletter. What we hope to accomplish is to give a recap of what we are thankful for, while giving a glimpse into what we are planning in the coming month.

It was pretty terrifying moving our webstore to another platform at the end of last year, but so worth it. We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who moved with us and have continued to support us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

We are amazed at the ingenuity and energy of our wholesale partners who have worked so hard to keep their businesses open and thriving. Thank you to everyone who has made it a point to support our small business community during this time. If you are looking for Steed Coffee in Bellingham, these are the people pumping out the good stuff. We are so incredibly fortunate to work with these lovely people:

ANMLY Cafe: An incredible, no waste cafe that has been churning out delicious food and seasonal drinks all year. Their flexibility during this time is admirable. Their team has found a way to stay open, no matter what stage or phase we move into.

Black Sheep: A lively bar, with tacos, Black Sheep launched a stellar brunch this summer. To pair, we have set them up with coffee to serve. They also have cold brew on tap. Long after coffee shops close, you can still snag a cup of the good stuff.

Cafe Blue: A warm, cozy, inviting cafe filled with kind people, freshly baked breads and pastries, and tasty coffee drinks. Cafe Blue has been open on and off through the pandemic. Most recently, they have decided to put on popups for the foreseeable future. To find out when their next popup will be, follow them on Instagram. Get there early. Last opening, the line wrapped around the block!

Moving forward, harvest season in much of the coffee-producing world is in full swing or wrapping up. We are anxiously awaiting our first samples of the 2021 harvest. Our importing partners have let us know that this year’s lots are tasting excellent and we are on track to have some new coffees for y’all sometime in March. We have locked in our current lineup for this coming year, but will be adding a coffee or two for funsies. More on that as we get closer to those coffees being released.

You’re the best,

Mitchell Steed, Founder
Steed Coffee Roasting

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