Endcap: March and April

A couple months of waiting at the roastery have culminated in some truly exciting developments. The world of cargo ships has been rocked, delaying the arrival of many 2021 fresh crops. A devastating blockage in the Suez Canal and an international shipping container shortage means we have had to be patient. Our lots are just around the corner. In the coming month we will be enjoying Ana Maria Ortega’s Los Angeles, a new vintage from the lovely people at Nano Genji in Agaro, as well as a stunner from Nyeri to replace our current decadent offering. We hope by the next Endcap to have some coffee to share with you all.

In other news, we wrapped up our second collaboration with Structures Brewing’s Bottle Club. This time around, if you were fortunate enough to enjoy a bottle, they conditioned a two-year barrel aged stout with our coffee. The finished product was a rich, but chuggable stout best paired with bacon and eggs and hashbrowns. Brunch of champions. We are also looking forward to another beer release in the near future that will not be so highly allocated. More on that another time…

Many of us have been eagerly waiting this winter for the return of Cafe Blue to the Bellingham coffee scene. This past month we welcomed them back with open arms and a line around the block! Lily and Kyle used their time ever so wisely. They come back with bigger ovens, a new floorplan, but the same love that they pour into every drink. If you haven’t had the chance to make it back into their warm abode, I encourage you to do so.

Lastly, we are excited that this lovely weather has brought with it a flood of cold brew. We have partnered with ANMLY to bring some rich and creamy nitro cold brew. So, if you are wondering where to find a glass… make your way to Bellingham Towers. 

That is all for this month. Until next time,

Mitchell Steed

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