Endcap: May

This coming week, we have our first pallet of coffee shipping out for our roastery from the 2021 season. It is loaded with coffees from our bread and butter regions: Huehuetenango, Guatemala, and Agaro, Ethiopia. Next shipment will be coming in a few more weeks. How exciting to roll out the red carpet again.

This year, our first Guatemalan coffee of the season is coming from producer Doña Ana Maria Ortega Villatoro. Her farm, Los Angeles, lies at 1700 MASL. She has a wonderful story of connection to her land, her family, and to the beautiful beverage that we are excited to share with you. Check out this interview with Doña Maria. This lot is comprised of a few varieties of coffee, the biggest of which being Caturra, which provides a rich chocolate base. You will be able to find this coffee, starting in a couple weeks when you order our single origin Huehuetenango or as an ingredient in two of our blends: Haystack and Bygone.

The other coffee landing this week is from our well-loved cooperative in western Ethiopia: Nano Challa. This marks last call on our delightful offering from the sister mill Nano Genji, which is currently making up our single origin Agaro. Nano Challa has received immense praise in recent years for their work in perfecting washed coffee in a region historically known for pumping out natural process. This opened up the door for many communities being able to seek out specialty coffee prices for their crops. We are excited to bring you our highest scoring coffee to date: 90 points. The punchy peach and subtle lavender are bolstered by a zippy country lemonade. 

Outside this, we also landed some Steedly shirts –our first merch drop. Organic cotton, embroidered to last forever, and sporting the blue of our Agaro. You’ll love it. Check them out here

You’re the best,

Mitchell Steed

Owner // Steed Coffee Roasting

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