Nano Genji, Ethiopia

Nano Genji is the sister mill of the now-famed Nano Challa washing station. Nano Challa has solidified its place, producing some of the best lots year in and year out, in Western Ethiopia. Hoping to alleviate capacity and accelerate growth in the Agaro region, Nano Challa split 630+ members between themselves and a new state of the art mill, Nano Genji. Since opening, their crops have been remarkable! Raised drying beds, heirloom varietals that are unique to and adapted for the land, and passionate attention to detail create the consistency that keeps Agaro Gera on our menu. 

     Working with Red Fox Coffee Merchants in the Agaro region is truly a privilege. Their vision and mission fit nicely with ours and the quality they bring to the table is near-unrivalled. Red Fox has been working in the region since before 2014, when they started their business.

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