Cauca, Colombia

The department of Cauca in Colombia borders one of the most famous growing regions in the country –Huila. They share the rich soil and high elevations that come from their proximity to the Nevado del Huila, Colombia’s tallest volcano, making it a prime location. We get the pleasure of enjoying Rivier’s crop because of the Asorcafe co-operative. The organization was founded in 2004 by ten coffee farmers in Inza, looking to sell their coffee for more. Now, Asorcafe provides resources to their ever-growing numbers and shells out some of the most delicious and consistent coffees in Colombia.

Working with Asorcafe, through Red Fox, is a joy:

-They are dedicated to more biodynamic farming practices, rejuvenating the forest as well as their farms.

-Thinking ethically is in their DNA. Providing stable pay, at high rates, even in the midst of this pandemic.

-Focusing on community and family. Investing the profits of their organization back into infrastructure and education.

-Quality-focused incentives have provided consistently high-scoring crops year after year.

Roasting these coffees, so skillfully produced, is an honor. Of all the lots we were able to secure, we found Rivier Quintero’s lot was our favorite. Rivier is a part of the lab at Asorcafe. The attention to detail and deep understanding of what goes into producing shines in the cup. We have been blown away by this coffee’s sweetness. Red currant jam at first sip, backed by a spicy cola that lingers at the finish with ripe blueberry. This coffee tastes incredible brewed over ice, while playing cards on the porch. Best shared, but understandably hoarded. Enjoy.

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