Huila Decaf

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Process: Sugarcane / E.A.

Producer: Regional Blend

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Elevation: 1200-2000 masl

We Taste: Strawberry, Roasted Pecan, Danish

Roasted in Bellingham, WA

Oftentimes decaf coffees get a bad wrap because the heavy processing decaf endures strips them of much of their flavor. However, this coffee is an exception to that rule. E.A. Decaffeination is a method that uses a fermented sugar solvent that bonds to caffeine for extraction, leaving flavor and cell structure largely in tact. In short, this coffee tastes amazing with flavors of strawberry, danish, and roasted pecan. In blind tastings against “regular” coffees, this Huila Decaf is often chosen as the favorite of the group.

Another consideration when selecting a decaf coffee is where the processing takes place. Generally, this takes place in the country of import (i.e., stateside), but our friends at Cafe Imports conducted this operation in Colombia. This not only means that the coffee was more fresh during decaffeination, but that more capital stays in-origin to benefit the infrastructure of the coffee supply chain. We hope this means better coffees, and better decafs, year after year.

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