New Leaf Blend

$13.00$22.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Origin: Agaro Region, Ethiopia & Cauca, Colombia

We Taste: Peach, Juicy, Strawberry

Roasted in Bellingham, WA

This mainstay is designed to be juicy and light, like a fresh start. This blend will always be our freshest coffees, changing frequently as new coffees enter our lineup —a great option for coffee drinkers who want to shake up the monotony of a monthly subscription. New Leaf is medium-light bodied with a vibrant juiciness. Marked by its strawberry-peachy flavor that is bolstered by a creamy nuttiness, creating a desirable balance.

New Leaf is currently made up of our Agaro Gera and Cauca coffees, which can be purchased on their own as single lots in our store as well.

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