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Producer: Cesar Garcia

Farm: La Caña

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Elevation: 1800 masl

We Taste: Currant, Hot Chocolate, Sessionable

Roasted in Bellingham, WA

Cesar Garcia has a small 2 hectare farm in the mountains bordering Veracruz. La Caña lies facing the Gulf of Mexico, which brings much cooler temperatures. Colder climates slow the ripening process and create sweetly fruit forward coffees. This lot is no different: we are tasting fresh-squeeze orange juice, baking spices, and apricots.

Deterring a bit from our usual Oaxaca flavor profile before turning back to some favorites, Cesar Garcia’s product reminded us of the joys of the holiday season. Premium, ripest citrus with baked goods galore! Sessionable to its core.

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