About Us

Bellingham, Washington is the home of our small, independent roastery. “Sharing Lovely Coffee With Lovely People”  means we know coffee is a social beverage. Rarely does coffee exist outside of friends enjoying time together. Neither does lovely coffee exist in your home or cafe without passing through dozens of hands. People are at the center of this beverage. From planting and caring for hundreds of coffee plants, to picking only the ripest cherries and processing in mills, to shipping and then storing that coffee in the US, to roasting and packaging, and finally to either your home or your local cafe; we only receive a good cup of coffee because of lovely people. With this in mind, Steed Coffee promises our coffees will:

Produce less waste.

The coffee industry is notorious for the amount of waste it produces. From cups and bags to random merchandise, things start to stack up. Our packaging, where possible, is compostable. If not now possible, it is recyclable. We supply reusable buckets to our wholesale accounts, not only because they are cute, but because it makes a difference.

Exceed Specialty Coffee.

The Specialty Coffee Association defines “specialty coffee” as anything scoring over 80 points on their grading scale. The minimum score we accept is 86. Many of our offerings score well above. We also extend this standard to our blends. There are no “fillers”. We only ever purchase coffees that can stand on their own.

Beat Fair Trade

Our coffee is always purchased at origin by our partners for, at minimum, double “Fair Trade” price and 300% the price of “commodity” coffee. This is reflected in the quality of product we provide to our customers, but also in the quality of life sustainable wages provide for our coffee farmers and their families.