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Steed Coffee

Mexico Rigoberto Garcia Luna

Mexico Rigoberto Garcia Luna

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The Garcia Luna extended family collaborates to produce the highest scoring lots. Some lots, like this one, they set aside to stand on its own. Rigoberto owns and maintains this small parcel of land. However, another lot we will share with you in another time is a community lot. The family works completely with the variety Pluma, which is a mutation of Typica unique to Oaxaca. Look forward to tangerine, ripe strawberry, and a soft smooth cup.

Cultivar: Pluma

We Taste: Currant, Hot Cocoa, Sessionable

Producer: Garcia Luna Family

Country: Mexico

Region: Oaxaca

Harvest: March 2023

Elevation: 1700masl

Process: Washed

Size: One Pound

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